(Special) Sales Automation Engine - Single License(Special) Sales Automation Engine - Unlimited License

What’s the two most important things to generate out of internet marketing?

This is how you make money while you sleep.

But this doesn’t come easy - You need to have a major cash injection and lots of time!

You will need:

The cost, time and talent to create a viable, attractive and sellable product

The experience, skill, expensive software - or costly outsourcing fees to create squeeze, download and upsell pages

A subscription to a reliable Autorepsonder to build your list and get your products out there

And an Exit Pop Up Software to ensure your leads have no choice but to buy

That process was completely 100% automated for you…

With pre-built and editable quality products in only the most profitable niches…

With every easy to use sales tool you’d ever need at the click of a button…

Saving you time, effort, money and a whole lot of stress…

Obliterating any need for ANY technical know-how…

AND you could be up and running in less than 10 minutes…

Sales Automation Engine WILL Turbo-Charge the success and scale of your online business SUPER FAST!

Quick and Easy Point and Click Process

Less than 10 Mins From Download to Profit

< class="style5"> Zero Training or Technical Skill Required

Proven Money Making Sales Funnel System

100% Automated

Let’s Check Out Some of the Awesome Features That Are Going to Make Your Online Profiting Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before:

Always make sure your squeeze pages are PERFECTLY SUITED to your target audience with:

One Click Template Choice
One Click ‘Call to Action’ Button Choice

Save time, effort and money by simply selecting one of our 20 READY to GO ebooks in the MOST PROFITABLE NICHES:

Throughly Researched
Top Niches
Hungry Markets

Already have a great product of your own? Then add it to Sales Automation Engine to make use of all of it’s extensive, attractive and easy to use features.

You are NOT Just LIMITED to the 20 Built-In Products:

Add your own products to the plugin
NO LIMITS to the amount of products you can add

No more need for time-consuming, costly download page creation - that you’re not even sure will convert!

Be sure of HIGH CONVERTING offers with our pre-configured, pre-loaded, attractive download pages for all 20 products.

Professionally designed
Fully customise your content
Choose and edit the recommended resources to suit your subscribers
Proven HIGH CONVERTING offers built in to maximise your profits

Make each and every product your own and make sure your product jumps out at your potential buyers with our:

Built-In, Dynamic, Easy to Use Squeeze Page Editor:

None of the pre-configured information for the 20 pre-loaded products are hard coded - meaning you have TOTAL POINT AND CLICK FLEXIBILITY over your squeeze pages:

And more…

You can even imbed a video to make your squeeze page much more engaging and eye-catching!

Make sure you get your offers out to your list quickly and reliably by:
Seamlessly integrating Sales Automation Engine with all major email marketing services - IF you already happen to have them:

No programming or coding required
Simply copy and paste link or code




Start building your list and get your offers out there within minutes -

With no expensive monthly fees required!

With Sales Automation Engine’s built-in autoresponder system, you can get going - and get profiting - RIGHT AWAY!

 Quickly Build and Collate Your Lists
 Complete List Control and Management
 Handle Automated Email Delivery
 View and Export Your Subscribers
Send Your Subscribers:
✓ Automatic Subscription Confirmation
✓ Automatic Download Link

Increase your sales by up to 300%!


Make sure your prospects have NO CHOICE BUT TO TAKE ACTION with our:

Fully integrated dynamic exit pop up script - which works on autopilot to:

Keep a prospect from leaving your website when they:

✓ Hit the back button
✓ Hit refresh
✓ Or tries to close their browser window

This means that just as the prospect is about to leave your site, our engine presents them with an irresistible offer to make sure EVERY lead is turned into a buyer.

Totally UN-BLOCKABLE by most widely used browsers

Make sure the WHOLE WORLD has access to your offers by:

Adding Social Share Buttons at touch of…well, a button!

Enabling visitors to instantly and easily share your offer…

Increasing your traffic and sending your offer into the viral stratosphere!

Upsell to your prospects the second they land on your squeeze page:

✓ Display 2 Anchor Texts
✓ Include Affiliate Links
✓ Include Offer Links

Automatically Create a Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Page:

✓ Chose to Display or Not to Display
✓ Edit and Customise the Text

Sounds like Sales Automation Engine has some pretty freakin’ amazing features, but just how easy will it be to get going?


Super Fast Installation:

✓ Full set up in just 2 clicks
✓ Tick one box. Click Save. DONE!
✓ No need for ANY ‘Tech Skills’ whatsoever!
✓ Uses Wordpress

Ready to Go:

✓ Set up EVERYTHING you need in a READY TO GO Funnel in under 10 MINUTES
✓ Fully configured and ready to profit from in less than the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee!!

This complete, easy to follow, easy to action video course will show you EXACTLY how to build an engaged responsive list - fast. Used in conjunction with Sales Automation Engine - this list-building mastery in a box will supercharge you on your way to great success and start to build that 6-figure internet business you want and need.
Including vital golden nuggets such as:

  Fast List Profits! - The top 5 secrets of how to build the fastest, strongest and most profitable list possible!
  A Brand New Innovative Approach To Bagging Subscribers…*oooh, controversial!* - Learn the most effective, yet unconventional, system for building a list ever!
  24 Hour Subscriber Turnaround - Do you know the proven quickest way to generate your first subscriber within just 24 hours?! Or how to create a massive snowball effect of subscribers?! You will now!!
 Make Yourself Irrisitable to Promoters - The 3 magic selling points that will make you irresistible to promoters! Build trust from buyers and potential partners overnight! And finally start selling!
  Secure Subscribers For Life! - The #1 trick that gives subscribers absolutely no reason not to subscribe to your list! And the secret key to lifetime subscriber staying power!
  Plan For Bulging Lists - How to consistently smash your list building goals!
  Drive Traffic Direct To Your List Page - There’s one surefire way to generate highly qualified visitors to your subscription page that’s ALWAYS overlooked…do you know what it is?

Want to generate maximum cash from your e-mail list with zero experience required? Then here’s your solution!

This step-by-step video course will accelerate you right on your way to more engaging email campaigns, more clicks and ultimately, more profits!

Bulging with TOP SECRET hints and tips which WILL change your email marketing results forever. Including:

Ultra Effective E-Mail Marketing - How to be super effective with email marketing and be pillaging profits from your list from day one!
Give That All Important Personal Touch - How to write for EVERYONE and make the reader think you are ONLY WRITING FOR them. This is a skill which will make every reader HAVE to buy from you!
Create Mind Blowing Content - How to write uber engaging content which grabs your readers attention and leads them strongly through the message you want to convey and forces them take every action you want them to take!
  Covert Campaign Management - The TOP SECRET tactics of managing your campaigns systematically, guaranteeing great results every time!
  Rapid Results - Learn the exact step by step process for getting MAXIMUM RESULTS from your mailings in MINIMUM TIME.
  Off-the-Scale Conversions - Top 10 tricks and tweaks you NEED to be using to surge your conversion percentage - and your profits!
  Secret Subject Lines & Back-Hand Bribes - Two amazing tricks that when used properly, will change your results from your email campaigns forever!

Sales Automation Engine OBLITERATES the Need for Costly and Time Consuming Product Creation Costs:

Now, we already know that the two most important things to generate out of internet marketing are:

1.    A Big Engaged List
2.    Cold Hard Cash!

And the ONLY way to achieve this is to have a proven sales funnel - guaranteed to turn those leads into cash.

Now it’s obvious that Sales Automation Engine gives you absolutely everything you could ever need to make this happen - faster than you ever thought possible.


How much would it REALLY cost to create quality products and get them out there to your prospects -

Surely it can’t be THAT expensive I hear you ask?


Imagine for a moment you’re about to create a product.

THIS is your BUDGET:

1 Full Length E-Book: $500
1 E-Cover Design: $33
1 Squeeze Page Creation: $100
1 Squeeze Page Copy: $100


Countless hours at the computer desperately tying to ‘get it right’…

= $733 + Countless hours of your time.

X this by 20 to create 20 viable products…

= $14,660 + More hours than you have in a lifetime




(Special) Sales Automation Engine - Single License(Special) Sales Automation Engine - Unlimited License
Saving yourself a GARGANTUAN and GENUINE SAVING of up to $14,663…

And giving more hours of free time to do exactly what you want and deserve, than you ever thought you could possibly have working online!


You’d also need:

Autoresponder Software: $300 per annum
Exit Pop Software: $79

Which is also included in Sales Automation Engine!

Which means that Sales Automation Engine is going to save you even more on getting your products out there - FAST!

Sales Automation Engine gives you 20 fully complete, built in products to give you the head start off the Internet Marketing starting blocks -

Building your list - FAST

And leaving you ready to profit - RIGHT AWAY!

Save time, Save Money, Get Going!

So, your choice is simple.

$14,660 + $300 per year, + $79 + More hours than you have in a lifetime…

AND no guarantee you’ll actually see any profit for your effort and money…



(Special) Sales Automation Engine - Single License(Special) Sales Automation Engine - Unlimited License

The Choice is YOURS.

Download Sales Automation Engine right now, completely, utterly and 100% risk free for the next 30 days. I am utterly confident that you’ll love Sales Automation Engine and the results and income it will generate. However, if you find that you can’t get Sales Automation Engine to work for you (which is highly unlikely!) and if our robust support desk can’t fix your issue (which is EVEN MORE UNLIKELY!) then I will refund your investment = Leaving you absolutely no risk at all! All support enquires will be throughly investigated and fully actioned. So fearlessly click that buy button and download Sales Automation Engine this instant!

I genuinely look forward to hearing your success stories with Sales Automation Engine

Here’s to super-fast list building -

And super-quick profits -

AND to you FINALLY achieving the success you deserve!

Bertus Engelbrecht & Olusegun Balogun
Your Sales Automation Engine Entrepreneurs

P.S. You’ve already seen how Sales Automation Engine is going to FINALLY get you up and running and profiting sustainably online - quicker than you ever thought possible! There really isn’t anything else on the market that can boost your business - or your cash flow - in less than 10 minutes. So, be sensible and use your time wisely.

P.P.S. A successful & profitable online business =

Either $14,660 + $300 per year, + $79 + More hours than you have in a lifetime…


1 Click + $27 / $47 + Less than 10 minutes

It really isn’t even a choice is it?

More questions? Please check out our FAQ page or send your support questions to the email below.

Email Support: support [at] SalesAutomationEngine.com

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